Tree Services


tree trimming




Although fairly subtle, the remarkable process of tree growth eventually needs to be managed, especially as lengthening branches come into contact with other trees, buildings, lines and parking areas. Even small twigs can damage shingles and siding paint if allowed to grow close enough to rub. Branches can also damage each other in a similar manner. our experience allows us to recognize problem areas and discern which cuts will best promote tree health. Trimming a tree also can help it weather the wind storms all too common in Central Iowa summers. A verdant tree may seem attractive in your yard, however too much leaf and small branch area can lead to the tree acting like more of a sail. All this wind catch creates more leverage on the tree’s limbs and can make it more likely to fail. 


storm damage







When trees have damaged or are posing as a threat to damage property, contact us for priority tree service. We have the tools and experience for many situations and can help mitigate further damage.


tree removal

Trimming is our preferred method of care, however some trees just need to be removed. Like all living things, a tree’s life dwindles and it can increasingly become a risk for life and property. Some diseases and insects can quickly either outright kill the tree or weaken it for other factors. Carpenter ants, for example, do not generally kill a tree, rather they are attracted by rotting wood created by other stresses on the tree. Contact us for assistance evaluating your trees potential longevity and risk